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Finishing of joinery

   Individual an approach to                    each client

We are a manufacturing company and offer all products from Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia. We can prepare any wood products for furniture, flooring, plywood, construction, and pallet factories to your requirements.


Production of wood briquettes, granules

 Quality and Professionalism

Equipment: milling and circular sawing line, consisting of machines from the German company EWD, allows high-quality production of sawn timber. After sorting, the sawn timber enters the batch kilns, with a total volume of a single charge of 420 m3.

preparation of lumber

​Our products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of these specifications on technological documentation.
The humidity of wood is 14 ÷ 18%.
Products are made from coniferous wood spruce, pine, Siberian larch.
Hardwood Oak, Alder, Linden, Aspen.
Depending on the quality of the wood, the products are divided into Extra, A, B, C grades

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